EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) is an evidenced based practice with a growing number of uses. Originally designed to treat trauma, EMDR works with your neurological defense mechanisms to help process painful experiences and change the way they impact your day to day life.


About emdr

EMDR was first discovered in the 1980’s. Since then, we have accumulated a wealth of research showing its effectiveness in treating trauma, and processing memories using bi-lateral stimulation (often eye movements). Research has also shown that EMDR helps increase resilience if you are presently experiencing a prolonged or chronic trauma, such as systemic oppression, deteriorating health, or a lengthy infertility journey.


what is it

When we experience a trauma, our protective instincts kick in. Sometimes this results in these experiences being only partially processed. Our nervous systems are designed to hold on to those memories to help protect us in the future, which can result in anxiety, triggers, or unhelpful coping techniques. Our work together will be to identify themes and memories that are tied to a current problem you’re having, or to a specific past trauma. Once we’ve done that, we’ll work to fully reprocess those memories using bi-lateral stimulation.


is it right for me

If you’re finding yourself stuck in patterns, suffering from a critical inner voice, struggle with overthinking and anxiety, or if you’ve experienced a trauma, our work together could be helpful.

If you have a health condition that may be impacted by eye movements, please consult with your doctor ahead of time.